Monday’s are usually the worst days because it means back to work. Monday’s are NOT the worst days when you make fun plans with your sporty gf and go to Legal Osteria and the Celtic’s game, and that’s what I did Monday! I hadn’t been to a Celtics game all year and I actually had to google who we were playing the day before because my hubby asked and I had no clue. I’m not the biggest sports fan, but I will physically go to any game because it usually means drinks and food, and Boston fans are so wild which usually makes for a great time.

The Celts crushed the Grizzlies. Callie got some good shots of me at the game (she should be an iPhone photographer, also get yourself some supportive friends who will take a million pics of you without you even asking). I wore my favorite Urban Outfitter jeans that you can get here: Cropped Flare Jeans

Here I am at the game eating some popcorn:


We ended up leaving in the third quarter to beat the crowd and there was no way the Grizzlies were coming back. I was in bed by 10:30PM (an hour later than my usual bed time but that’s okay), and my Monday wasn’t so terrible after all. So get out there and do something exciting next Monday to make the first day back to work seem a little less shitty.

PS. If you ever find yourself at Legal Osteria in Charlestown, get the Pomegranate cocktail and the meatball appetizer. Those two were my favorite things! Our bartender was awesome and made dinner funny. I’ve decided when Brian gets home, we’re moving to Charlestown and this will be my regular drink spot. Charlestown is the cutest place I’ve ever been to  (also surprisingly pretty affordable for Boston in my opinion) AND its dog friendly and family friendly. It’s also walking distance to TD Garden, literally ten mins away.


Tuesday Tunes

Happy Tuesday babes!! This week’s playlist is all over the place. I listen to ALL music. I can go from ghetto rap to a sad country song in 5 mins. I actually just shuffle through my entire Spotify library when I drive because I love all of the songs I have saved to my phone so much. My FAVORITE song this week is Contact by Lulleaux (s/o to @canderzzz for bringing this song to my attention). I’ve listened to it 30 times since she told me about it a few days ago. Makes me super excited for the weekend and I dance in my chair to it at work while everyone stares at me.

Here is the playlist link: Tuesday Top 10


I added last week’s songs into last week’s actual blog post in case you missed it!




So this month, I have been participating in #NoShopFeb alongside a bunch of awesome ladies who pledged to not buy any clothes and limit other spending this month. My friend Danielle (@asequinedlife on Instagram) came up with this idea and I’m so glad I joined in. My own personal goal for this #NoShopFeb was to not purchase ANY clothing, spend less on coffees, and go out to eat less.

This month, I have really learned how much of my stuff I do NOT need and how many articles of clothing I bought just to buy. I found things in my closet that still had tags on them and I honestly cannot remember why or when I bought them. The fun part about this #NoShopFeb challenge was shopping my own closet. So far, I haven’t purchased anything new, and despite my brain telling me “I have nothing to wear!!!!!”, I have found something new to wear every day hanging right on one of my closet racks. This challenge has caused me to be creative with the things I already have and it’s bittersweet that the month is almost over. The featured photo is an outfit I have ever never worn, and all of these clothing items have been in my closet for years.

Also, not to make you shop, but this top is a great staple top for casual or dressy use depending on how you accessorize it, and its on MAJOR sale at nordstrom. Here’s the link to it: Lush Tunic

I went on vacation this month so that sort of conflicted with my limited spending on going out, but other than that, I have not done my daily Starbucks run, and have only gone out for coffee twice. In my defense, I went to Tatte Bakery in Harvard and that shouldn’t count because its so beautiful and I had to witness it myself. Seriously though, look at the floor:


The month is coming to a close, and I’m actually really surprised by my success with this #NoShopFeb. I am an AVID online shopper, it takes up a lot of my time! I have found that I have more time lately and I’m not glued to a computer screen sorting through 400 pages of tops on Nordstrom. I will be sad to see February go, and I will definitely be setting some new boundaries for myself when it comes to buying. I plan to ask myself “Do you REAAALLY need this?”, at least five times before making the purchase. Chances are no, I do not really need that fifth black long sleeve sweater, and I am going to try and be better about it!

PS – looking into trying this “Capsule Wardrobe” thing. Has anyone done it? Comment below with your experiences!



Tuesday Top 10

If you know me at all, you know I LOOOVE my music. If you didn’t know, now you know a little more about me. Every Tuesday, I’m going to put together a list of my ten favorite songs. I am a Spotify fanatic, so sorry for you Apple Music listeners out there, but I’m sure you can find most of the songs on there too! I choose Spotify as my music platform because they have all kinds of different artists, not just what’s popular right now. Here is my playlist if you want to follow! And check back in every Tuesday for new tunes.

Tuesday Top 10


At The Beach

Last week, I went to Naples (Florida, not Italy LOL) for the weekend with my best girlfriends. A girls vacation is ALWAYS a good time, and I love that my friends and I always manage to make time for each other in our busy lives! I was so excited to spend time in the sun after two full months of freezing Boston weather (before this vacation, I spent half of the year off and on in Hawaii with my hubs where he’s stationed, more to come on that in another blog post!). I was also ready to get out of my over-sized sweaters and into a bikini!

I somehow managed to pack my clothes for the long weekend in a carry-on (we flew Spirit, scary but cost effective) and that was a first for me. Here are some tips to packing light for a quick trip:

  • Pack a variation of outfits with the same bottoms. (i.e. black jeans and three different colored tops, shorts and two different tops)
  • If you’re going somewhere warm, you only need two bathing suits for a few days! I brought three and only wore two.
  • Bring one pair of heels, one flat sandal, and a pair of whatever other kind of shoes you might wear (I brought espadrilles). Wear sneakers on the plane so you don’t have to pack them!
  • Plan your outfits by your activities. If you’re a planner like me, then you have a layout of what the weekend will probably entail. I only needed one fancy outfit for one night out, and the rest was casual.

I also had ONE jumpsuit that I was dying to wear. I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing a corset jumpsuit in an episode of KUWTK that was randomly on TV, and I spent DAYS searching for a similar one. I finally found one at Urban Outfitters by Silence & Noise:


Unfortunately it’s sold out, but here are a few links to some other ones that I love:

I am loving the corset trend, but only the built-ins, not the belts or accessories (just my personal preference!).

To see more of my Naples trip, visit my instagram @blacklyssted !




Hi! I’m Lyss and this is my blacklyssted blog. If it’s black, theres a 95% chance that I already own it. I’m a dog mom (@tiniandblu) and a wifey, and I work in marketing. Give me ALL the clothes (as long as they’re black, gray, olive drab, or a variation of white), pizza and coffee. If you check my blog regularly, you’ll see outfit inspo, food posts and travel pics. I am always on the go (my next trip is to Napa!) and I love to share my experiences with people everywhere. I started this blog because I am passionate about the things I love and hope to inspire a few people along the way. I’m new to blogging so bear with me, but a bunch of posts will be coming soon. In the mean time, you can check my instagram for more pics: @blacklyssted .