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Back In Action TUESDAY!

I missed last week’s playlist but that’s okay because hardly any good songs were out anyways. This week has a pretttty decent lineup! Drake will forever be my obsession (ily champagne papi) and his new song is so catchy. I listen to it on the way to work to pump me up to sit in my chair all day! Link below:

Tuesday Top 10

NorCal Trip!

SO, I just got back from my trip to Napa, CA and I could cry real tears because I’m no longer in paradise. I always say I love places but I REAAALLLYYYYY LOVE NAPA! Where else can you pet a horse, feed a donkey, go on a hike, get coffee at a cute cafe, eat avo toast, go wine tasting at Domain Chandon, and get an expensive dinner ALL IN ONE DAY? Literally nowhere, that’s the answer. And this is why I am moving (in my dreams, and also against my husband’s will). I wanted to share some of the AWESOME stuff that I did, and if you ever make your way to California, skip SoCal and hit up NorCal because THAT is where its at.

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I went to Napa to visit my friend Rylee, who GREW UP IN NAPA (how does one get that lucky, pls tell me). I met Ry in Hawaii because both of our guys are stationed there in the Marines. Super cool meeting a nice, normal friend (military life is weird, people are catty, I legit stay out of everything and didn’t care about meeting anyone new or having friends until I met her). The boys are deployed, so we made this trip happen as the highlight of our six months without them (this deployment has been absolutely miserable for all parties involved but its almost over!!!). I flew 6.5 hours to SF, rode the shuttle (Evans Airport Shuttle is the bomb if you need a ride to Napa. $40 cash only but so convenient). As soon as I arrive, Ry took me to Gott’s Roadside for an UNBELIEVABLE BURGER. Seriously, the best burger, but so fricken filling, we were unbelievably full for the rest of the day. She drove me around and we ended up at the Napa Valley sign and obviously needed a picture (seen above), then we made our way to Castello di Amorosa winery (the famous castle winery) and it was GORGEOUS!

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The vineyards are absolutely amazing and you see them anywhere you drive. Such a beautiful place, no words will do it justice, you just need to go and see for yourself!

The next day we woke up early AF (like we usually do). We also go to bed super early (I’m 26 and Ry is 21…. and we are both 97 at heart with a 9:30pm bedtime). Anyways, I drove to SF in her car because the hills are WILD, even I was terrified and have no clue why I offered to drive when I’m not a spectacular driver myself. We stopped at the Golden Gate. I truly wish it existed in Boston, like, I would duplicate it and put it here if I had that power. Breathtaking views no matter where you stand to see it!

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We also went to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse but didn’t actually eat anything because they were out of cronuts. I will eat one when I go back (keyword is ‘when’ because it IS happening).

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We also saw the “Painted Ladies”. My husband’s fave show was Full House (you’re def jealous babe but its okay because we will move there and you can see them all the time!).


SF is really just another city to me. I am much more into the places surrounding it, but still really cool to see! We also ate in-n-out on the way back to Napa. You best believe I CRUSHED my entire meal, animal-style everything.image1 (5)

We went to Sonoma the next day. Ate at Sunflower Cafe and had MONSTER MIMOSAS. Literal monsters.

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If you are ever in Sonoma, go to Sunflower Cafe for the goat cheese & avo sandwich, and a few Monster Mimosas. Most amazing meals ever!

We also did some wine tasting at Domaine Chandon. Beautiful winery and amazing champagne!

My husband bought me that romper as a surprise with the round bag that I instructed him to buy. He did well, don’t you think?! Round bag & romper are both from Forever21, and the total of the both items qualifies you for free shipping according to my hub ๐Ÿ™‚

I could go on and on about the things to do in the Napa area, but I will leave you with a few of my suggestions and pics from the trips.

Please go to:

  1. Bouchon Bakery (Yountville)
  2. Home Coffee (SF)
  4. Domaine Chandon (Yountville)
  5. Sunflower Cafe (Sonoma)
  6. Tank Garage Winery (Calistoga)
  7. Castello di Amorosa (Calistoga)
  8. Gott’s Roadside (Napa & everywhere else)
  9. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (SF)
  10. Ashes & Diamonds Winery (Napa)
  11. Small World Cafe (Napa)

Honestly probably a million more but my brain is fried from thinking about the crispy chicken sandwich and how hungry I am, so here are a few more pics, and get to booking your flight to SF!




Love Stuff

Today is a great day because its the day my perfect hubby (Brian) was born. Happy birthday babe, you better be reading this! I’m new to this whole blogging thing and couldn’t decide if I wanted to get personal, but Brian is such a large part of my life (obvs) and I love talking about him, so here we are. In honor of his bday, I’ll tell you guys a little about him and a little about us.

Brian is in the Marines but he’s set to get out this year and I could not be more excited to continue our life back home in Boston! Military relationships are definitely not the norm and can be super hard, so if there’s any military wives/gfs reading this, props to you, I feel your pain! He is deployed right now, but this is his last bday we will ever have to spend apart and that’s comforting. I get to see him in Hawaii this summer and spend a month there (my LAST month on that island, probably forever) and I’m really counting down the days. Time apart absolutely blows but we manage, even when it seems like its never ending. My husband is the most caring, kindest soul I have ever met. He’s also incredibly good looking, but is so much more than that too. He gets along with everyone and anyone, makes me laugh harder than I knew was possible, and always sees the brighter side of things and makes life better when I’m feeling a little negative. I can’t imagine life without him.. so that’s why I married him and now we are gladly stuck together forever.

I met my hub through some mutual college friends. His friend posted an instagram (honestly tg for instagram, it is the best social media platform ever)and made a joke about Brian needing a date to his Marine ball. I obviously commented on it, jokingly, and said “pick me!”. Then I thought more about my comment, and needed to make sure we had the same interests first, so I responded again and asked “does he like dogs?”, and Brian responded to me (and only me, sorry chicks), and said “I love dogs”, and it was game over from there. Okay not really game over, but basically I was in love. Then we finally met at a bar, made small talk, and I honestly was just thinking nothing of it at the time, and we didn’t talk for a good three months after that. THEN, his friend told me to text Brian one night when we were out, and I decided sure why not. Brian was back training and wasn’t even in MA anymore, but I texted him anyways and we just kept talking.. and talking. For the first time, I was talking to someone daily and not getting tired of it or bored. We talked all day and all night for another 3 months, basically had a virtual relationship, occasionally threw in some FaceTime, and then before I knew it he was coming home for pre-deployment leave. I picked him up from the airport (keep in mind we had only met in person once before but I truly didn’t care, even if a million other people were judging tf out of me LOL), and from there we were inseparable. Our friends were the same people, our new friends got along, we had sooo much fun for those two weeks and I was absolutely in shock when he had to go. A few nights before we left, we were out and joking/talking about getting married (we were both actually totally serious because the obsession was real), and we kept saying “when you know, you know!”. Well seriously, when you know, you know, and 3 months into deployment I started planning a small wedding. Now we’ve been married for over a year but it feels like we’ve been together for ten.

I know it sounds absolutely insane and no, I am not promoting or saying that you should marry the person you met on Tinder yesterday. BUT sometimes, you know when its right, and everything works and falls into place. There was zero pressure from either one of us, we both just knew what we wanted and made it happen. I somehow had our wedding planning in less than two months (actually my mom had it planned because she’s the best mom and totally took charge), had all the details work out, found the perfect dress, the right venue, etc. all in such a short time, it was like it was meant to be. Obviously I got a ton of shit from random people and friends, some talked about it behind my back, and that honestly doesn’t matter and I hope if that’s happening to you, you don’t let it affect you either. Your relationship is about you and your significant other, and what you choose to do is your own choice, don’t base it off of anyone else. I was IN LOVE and I still am and it has only gotten better. There are going to be hard times, and there will be people who try and ruin it and rain on your parade, but that’s life. We didn’t do anything the “traditional way”. He proposed when he got home from deployment (it was still a big surprise, I legit almost fainted and forgot to say yes because I was so nervous) but our wedding was already booked and happening LOL. Here’s a pic of the proposal:

Image-1 (1)

I honestly wouldn’t have wanted it any other. We had a 50 person wedding, had a good friend be the JP, and it was the best time of my life and if we could get married again once a year, I would totally do that and do it the same exact way (except with a different dress every time because how often do you get to wear a white dress?!). We spent a majority of our first year of marriage in Hawaii (who gets to do that?), and even though we’ve had a bunch of time apart, we make it work the best way we know how, and I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much. Whether you’ve been with someone 5 years or 5 months, your feelings are YOUR feelings, and you can do what you want with them. Time doesn’t really matter and you don’t have to do EVERYTHING the way that people are expected to do things. In no way am I saying you should rush to get married, or rush to date someone, I honestly never thought much about marriage before I met my hub, but things change when it’s the right person. If it feels right, then at least go with it and see what happens. Love is really all that matters in the end, as cliche and sappy as that sounds LOL. The people who truly love you will be happy for you and support you, and honestly, goodbye to the rest.

View More:

This was a long blog, and I could definitely go on forever about our non-traditional love story. Do any of you have wild love stories? Or is anyone else in a temporary long distance relationship? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Spring!

Happy first day of Spring babes! It’s a whopping 25 degrees for my first day of Spring, yay. Doesn’t matter though, because its time for my Tuesday Top Ten! I’ve compiled my fave list of songs at the current moment. It’s always a mix of everything, so there should be something for everyone! I plan to jam to this playlist later while doing some Spring cleaning work on my closet. If I don’t love it, I’m LISTING it! Stayed tuned for a post about how to get your closet Spring ready, and what to toss vs. what to hang on to.




Snow Day Tunes

Happy Tuesday! Here in Boston, we are getting clobbered with another nor’easter.. yay. The visibility outside is low, its freezing, and I will be sitting by my fire all day listening to my playlist on repeat because that’s the kind of person I am. Who else plays a song til its death? Listen to my playlist and stay safe if you’re affected by this stupid snow storm 7 days before the official start of Spring. Link below!

xx, Lyss

Tuesday Top Ten


All About Staple Bags

SO let’s talk staple bags. And by staple bag, I mean your every day crossbody that you can’t go without. I’m not a big accessory person but I know the worth of a good bag! My current favorite bag is my YSL camera bag with NO hardware. I always thought I wanted the YSL bag with the gold or silver YSL emblem, but nope, here I am with a plain black leather bag. My reasoning for this bag was because I could wear it day or night, in sweatpants or heels, and it matches everything I wear. I love the soft buttery leather. It comes in a bunch of colors too! I would like it in red, but we’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚ PS. I got this bag as a bday present when I was in Hawaii. On Oahu, designer is slightly cheaper (10-20%) because they have so many international customers and want to stay competitive. So if you’re ever going to Hawaii, make a designer purchase there and save a few bucks!

I will say I also looked at the Gucci bag similar to this one and thought it was too big, or the strap was too long, but I see everyone else wearing it perfectly! Guess it just wasn’t for me.ย  I also LOVE the Vince cross body bags that they just don’t make anymore?? Or I can’t find them anywhere other than Saks Off 5th and they’re basically sold out! They are perfect so if anyone knows where to get one, comment below please!

I’m going to link a few bags that I’m really into right now and I hope you enjoy them! I need to make a new purchase on a new spring back and haven’t decided yet. Any suggestions?

Links to bags:

YSL Camera Bag

Madewell Simple Crossbody

Vince Crossbody – ONE LEFT!

Cuyana Saddle Bag