Monday’s are usually the worst days because it means back to work. Monday’s are NOT the worst days when you make fun plans with your sporty gf and go to Legal Osteria and the Celtic’s game, and that’s what I did Monday! I hadn’t been to a Celtics game all year and I actually had to google who we were playing the day before because my hubby asked and I had no clue. I’m not the biggest sports fan, but I will physically go to any game because it usually means drinks and food, and Boston fans are so wild which usually makes for a great time.

The Celts crushed the Grizzlies. Callie got some good shots of me at the game (she should be an iPhone photographer, also get yourself some supportive friends who will take a million pics of you without you even asking). I wore my favorite Urban Outfitter jeans that you can get here: Cropped Flare Jeans

Here I am at the game eating some popcorn:


We ended up leaving in the third quarter to beat the crowd and there was no way the Grizzlies were coming back. I was in bed by 10:30PM (an hour later than my usual bed time but that’s okay), and my Monday wasn’t so terrible after all. So get out there and do something exciting next Monday to make the first day back to work seem a little less shitty.

PS. If you ever find yourself at Legal Osteria in Charlestown, get the Pomegranate cocktail and the meatball appetizer. Those two were my favorite things! Our bartender was awesome and made dinner funny. I’ve decided when Brian gets home, we’re moving to Charlestown and this will be my regular drink spot. Charlestown is the cutest place I’ve ever been to  (also surprisingly pretty affordable for Boston in my opinion) AND its dog friendly and family friendly. It’s also walking distance to TD Garden, literally ten mins away.


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