So this month, I have been participating in #NoShopFeb alongside a bunch of awesome ladies who pledged to not buy any clothes and limit other spending this month. My friend Danielle (@asequinedlife on Instagram) came up with this idea and I’m so glad I joined in. My own personal goal for this #NoShopFeb was to not purchase ANY clothing, spend less on coffees, and go out to eat less.

This month, I have really learned how much of my stuff I do NOT need and how many articles of clothing I bought just to buy. I found things in my closet that still had tags on them and I honestly cannot remember why or when I bought them. The fun part about this #NoShopFeb challenge was shopping my own closet. So far, I haven’t purchased anything new, and despite my brain telling me “I have nothing to wear!!!!!”, I have found something new to wear every day hanging right on one of my closet racks. This challenge has caused me to be creative with the things I already have and it’s bittersweet that the month is almost over. The featured photo is an outfit I have ever never worn, and all of these clothing items have been in my closet for years.

Also, not to make you shop, but this top is a great staple top for casual or dressy use depending on how you accessorize it, and its on MAJOR sale at nordstrom. Here’s the link to it: Lush Tunic

I went on vacation this month so that sort of conflicted with my limited spending on going out, but other than that, I have not done my daily Starbucks run, and have only gone out for coffee twice. In my defense, I went to Tatte Bakery in Harvard and that shouldn’t count because its so beautiful and I had to witness it myself. Seriously though, look at the floor:


The month is coming to a close, and I’m actually really surprised by my success with this #NoShopFeb. I am an AVID online shopper, it takes up a lot of my time! I have found that I have more time lately and I’m not glued to a computer screen sorting through 400 pages of tops on Nordstrom. I will be sad to see February go, and I will definitely be setting some new boundaries for myself when it comes to buying. I plan to ask myself “Do you REAAALLY need this?”, at least five times before making the purchase. Chances are no, I do not really need that fifth black long sleeve sweater, and I am going to try and be better about it!

PS – looking into trying this “Capsule Wardrobe” thing. Has anyone done it? Comment below with your experiences!



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