At The Beach

Last week, I went to Naples (Florida, not Italy LOL) for the weekend with my best girlfriends. A girls vacation is ALWAYS a good time, and I love that my friends and I always manage to make time for each other in our busy lives! I was so excited to spend time in the sun after two full months of freezing Boston weather (before this vacation, I spent half of the year off and on in Hawaii with my hubs where he’s stationed, more to come on that in another blog post!). I was also ready to get out of my over-sized sweaters and into a bikini!

I somehow managed to pack my clothes for the long weekend in a carry-on (we flew Spirit, scary but cost effective) and that was a first for me. Here are some tips to packing light for a quick trip:

  • Pack a variation of outfits with the same bottoms. (i.e. black jeans and three different colored tops, shorts and two different tops)
  • If you’re going somewhere warm, you only need two bathing suits for a few days! I brought three and only wore two.
  • Bring one pair of heels, one flat sandal, and a pair of whatever other kind of shoes you might wear (I brought espadrilles). Wear sneakers on the plane so you don’t have to pack them!
  • Plan your outfits by your activities. If you’re a planner like me, then you have a layout of what the weekend will probably entail. I only needed one fancy outfit for one night out, and the rest was casual.

I also had ONE jumpsuit that I was dying to wear. I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing a corset jumpsuit in an episode of KUWTK that was randomly on TV, and I spent DAYS searching for a similar one. I finally found one at Urban Outfitters by Silence & Noise:


Unfortunately it’s sold out, but here are a few links to some other ones that I love:

I am loving the corset trend, but only the built-ins, not the belts or accessories (just my personal preference!).

To see more of my Naples trip, visit my instagram @blacklyssted !



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